Aquarium maintenance Jacksonville Florida
Aquarium maintenance Jacksonville Florida

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CGI Aquatic Care
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Jacksonville, Florida

Professional Technicial Aquarium Aquatic Services

Unlike most aquarium maintenance companies, who use regular tap water and only change 25% trying to save themselves time and chemical cost. We recommend you call a few companies to see how much water they will change, and bring (R/O) purified water to your home or business. You would be surprised what they DON'T do.

So let us the ( Professional Marine Life Specialist ) do the rest. You just enjoy. First and foremost in most cases we use (R/O) reverse osmosis purified water, and do a 50% water change on each monthly visit. The results we see is improved fish health, overall better water quality and a radiant beautiful aquarium or display.

Only the best service for our clients is good enough. Do you want to gamble with your investment and the life of your beautiful and expensive pets? Love and Care is what they deserve. You made the investment for the beauty and joy of your aquarium or display. We are the highly trained professional staff that you need to maintain and improve your investment and fully understand your aquarium project needs.

  • We are staffed with highly experienced professional personel including scuba divers if needed.
  • We design and install bubble walls, bubble columns, water displays, customized coral displays, underwater scuptures
  • We are fully equiped to design, install and perform full maintenance on any sized residential or commercial aquariums.
  • Relocation of Aquarium service is also available with special arraingements.
  • Biological and Full Filtration services are available if needed.
  • Our Monthly or Bi-weekly service visit includes an eight point clean and inspection check.
  • Test for ph, temperature, salt gravity (salinity) nitrate, nitrite, phosphates.
  • Reef Tank Test, same as above plus lighting, calcium, and water pollution..
  • Perform a 50% water change, salt mix included.
  • Clean surface on glass or acrylic inside and out including tops and lids.
  • Clean filters, pads, tubes & service canister type filters every 90 days.
  • Weekly service on some reef tanks my be required.
  • Check all pumps, skimmers, UV lights, hood lights, heaters and or chillers.
  • Check Aquarium glass and our filters for water leaks.
  • If Decorate coral is present, coral bleach cleaning is extra. Or client may elect to use our popular decorate coral exchange service.
  • For a small additional fee, wel provide a fresh set of colorful corals and plants on each visit. Your aquariums (appearance) is always evolving into a new beautiful experience that comes alive and never gets boring.
  • Our Aquarium relocating service comes with our fish Replacement Guarantee.
  • 24-HR. Emergency Service is available.
  • Emergency & all after hour service - additional fees do apply - (904) 588-2700

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